Say YES To Taco Night!
May 31, 2017
Caribbean’s Next Top Model – Jamaica Casting
May 31, 2017
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About The Event

Scorch events are not to be missed anywhere, particularly in Jamaica! _uck Work (pronounced "Duck Work", typically held within the week before Jamaica Carnival, is a staple of the Jamaican soca scene and attended by patrons far and wide. The "cooler fete" encourages patrons to "BYOB" (bring your own bottle) and come enjoy music, dance and great vibes, including performances from top Caribbean soca artistes and DJs.


  • • It was a rainy day at Scorch _uck Work 2017, yet patrons came out with their umbrellas (a typically unheard of scenario) and partied all night in the rain. The event, scheduled to end at 10PM, had a packed venue until after 12 midnight.
  • • As the owner of the Jamaican Scorch franchise, Chlöe plans and executes the entire event.
  • • Scorch also partners with event group, Frenchmen, to host the "Toasted" party each year.