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May 30, 2017
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May 29, 2017
  • TaskSt. Mary's Launch of Onion & Cheese and Barbeque Banana Chips

About The Project

St. Mary's banana chips has been a favourite of Jamaicans for years. The brand grew exponentially in recent times, so it was only natural for St. Mary's to find new ways to tantalize the tastebuds of their customers. The Cheese & Onion and BBQ flavours were updated and Chlöe, as the Marketing Manager for JP Tropical Foods, was instrumental in the planning and execution for the entire campaign.


  • • Prior to announcing the new flavours, St. Mary's redid the packaging for all products in the line.
  • • The media blitz campaign included TV show appearances and taste tests, in-store sampling and other media promotions.
  • • As an additional push, the brand also executed several sponsorships to encourage awareness and get lovers of the orginal to try the new flavours.